Chemical Dependency

The first step in determining the existence of a substance abuse disorder is through an assessment.  From this comprehensive evaluation, an individualized course of treatment is prescribed.  Assessments are available for adolescents and adults whose use of drugs and/or alcohol:

• Is interfering with work, school or relationships; and/or

• Is resulting in problems with the legal system; and/or

• Represents a danger to oneself or others

We offer the following services:

• Screenings / assessments
• Court ordered evaluations and recommendations
• DUI / OVI assessments
• Individual therapy for adolescents and adults
• Group programs for adolescents and adults
• Intervention Alternatives Education
• Drug and Alcohol Education Programs

We have several therapists who present in the community throughout the year.  If you want to request a therapist present at event or want to find out about upcoming events please call our office.