Some great news!  Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma will be representing my work in Oklahoma.  This is particularly exciting because Tulsa is my husband’s hometown and has family there!


Finishing a painting and taking time to just enjoy looking at it provides, well, completion … and satisfaction.     However, it doesn’t take long before I start wondering, worrying, “What do I paint next?”     I remember explaining to my students in Freshman English Composition that they would choose their own topics for papers.     They panicked!   I calmly advised, “This will not be the last composition you write. You’ll have lots of other chances.   Just choose a topic.”     Now, of course, I hear that in my head.   It’s not working…..what if I choose wrong?     What if?…Wha….    Next?     Wolf….no, dog….hmm, landscape….

I’m thrilled to have learned that I am a Finalist in the 2016 ARC (Art Renewal Center) Salon!